Welcome to Alyce Paul, a collection of curiosities.

While Alyce Paul is not the creator or collector of these objects, she was a grand woman – resourceful, able, clever, and inventive–who inspired me (her granddaughter) to look at the world through curious eyes. I have chosen her name for my company to preserve her spirit and creativity.

I seek to recreate a sense of wonder the same way a Cabinet of Curiosities does. Every day we see so many things, and more often than not pass over them with nothing more than a glance. If one takes time to truly look at what they see, the potential to be filled with wonder & awe awaits.

A born collector & creator, I am prone to a life full of "useless" items – but it’s all a matter of perspective. These “useless" items I view as artifacts: each a rare & beautiful relic, a sign of a time passed. My aim is to preserve pieces of the past, both natural and manmade, and to alter their purpose so their beauty can be captured and appreciated.

Ideas are the foundation behind any creative company, but without supporters & consumers, there would be no reason to make things. I love to collaborate with others & welcome the custom orders.

Thank you for visiting.

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