Because I want to wear all of the beautiful things in our world, I have a wide range of jewelry styles and types. Each piece is one of a kind. A few of the main styles I offer are:

Care instructions can be found here.

Organic objects, from insects to maple seeds to rocks, copper plated and preserved for ages to come. Pictured below are actual honeybees coated in copper. Each honeybee is unique and exudes its own personality.

Mussel shell, Surf Clam shell, Periwinkle - all coated with a clear epoxy to bring out color and to strengthen.

Tumbled Maine Beach Stones
Already smoothed by the ocean, these rocks are usually tumbled for an additional 3 weeks to bring out the luster and shine. Gold metal leafing is often added.

Deconstructed Silverware
Vintage, silver-plated silverware deconstructed into wearable forms

Quote Rings/Bracelets
Made from sterling silver wire, these rings and bracelets are hammered flat, then engraved with a quote, saying, lyric, poem, etc. If you have a favorite I am happy to custom make pieces.

Found Objects
Bottle caps, old hardware, vintage tools, etc.

Pottery Shards
Each shard is found on the coast, rivers, and lakes of Maine.

Handmade using either porcelain or stoneware.

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